A downloadable game

Free Android Game

- Check animals

- Make an ecosystem

- Fight for survival

- 3D graphics last generation

- Dare you enter ARKEEPER?

Can you keep the balance?

Year 2514. after the terrible impact of climate change, the earth has been devastated in an immense desert. Atmospheric concentrations of gases make the air unbreathable for living.

civilization is extinct.only ruins remain of what were formerly the kingdoms human.

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in an uncertain point in the pacific ocean, has a lab activated "arkeeper"

animal species were cloned to create a new ecosystem, without humans...

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they did experiments on children who were easy to communicate with animals. they are called "keeps".

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unexpected attack destroyed much of the cloning system...

only one survived "keeps" lawn heracrid, the youngest. But she is not alone..

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- you can choose among 50 species of animals and plants

- you must choose wisely to maintain your ecosystem

- each animal will give you points every 15 seconds

- with this points you can unlock new animals and powers


1 put plants

2 put eat plants

3 put eat meat

4 keep the balance

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